EnviroFlash provides air quality information such as forecasts and alert day notifications via email or text message for the area around Birmingham, AL.  EnviroFlash gives you instant information that you can customize for your own needs, allowing you to protect the health of yourself and your family.  Air quality information allows you to adjust your lifestyle when necessary on unhealthy air quality days.  Up-to-date air quality information is especially helpful for those with sensitivities, such as children, people with lung (such as asthma) and heart ailments, and the elderly.


Fine particle pollution (PM2.5) forecasts are available year-round and ozone forecasts are available mid April through mid October.  The air quality forecasts are based on EPA's Air Quality Index (AQI).  Click on "Subscribe to EnviroFlash" above to sign up for daily forecasts or only "Air Quality Alert" notifications.  Forecasts are made available from the Jefferson County Department of Health and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.